Walmart Shoplifters High Speed Chase and Head-On Collision

The video above shows a couple who were caught shoplifting at a Walmart and let police on a high speed chase. The incident occurred on August 31st, 2010 in Missouri when Tamara Remington and her husband Richard, from Pleasant Hill, Missouri, were caught trying to steal a computer from a Walmart store. When the Remingtons left the store, they tried to run over an off duty officer in the parking lot while trying to get away. Luckily, the police officer was not hurt and other officers began pursuit. The dash cam video starts off showing the pursuing officer following the Remingtons in their blue Suzuki as they try to get away from police. The officer can be heard trying to reason with them and telling them to stop and pull over. Instead, the Remingtons led police officers on a high speed chase for over 10 minutes before finally getting caught.

The video below shows a head on collision that occurred in Russia. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving along a narrow and bumpy road with no lane markers and traffic traveling in both directions. As the video continues you can see that the car is bouncing around as cars continue to pass on the left side of the car headed in the opposite direction. Everything seems to be fine until one of the cars passing in the opposite direction swerves in front of the dash cam car. The driver of the dash cam car tries to react by swerving to the side, but there isn’t much room to maneuver on the small road. The dash cam car ends up colliding with the car that swerved out in front of it.