SUV T-Boned At Intersection And Hit And Run

The video above shows an SUV getting T-Boned at an intersection. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving behind a white van. As the dash cam car approaches a small intersection, a white SUV can be seen approaching from the opposite direction. Everything seems normal until a dark colored car comes flying in from the left side of the screen and smashes into the white SUV. The force of the impact causes the SUV to lift up into the air and fly into the dash cam car. The SUV smashes into the dash cam car and bounces off to the side before finally coming to a stop. In slow motion, you can see the windshield of the SUV being broken off due to the force of the collision and you can also see the head of the driver of the SUV pop out through where the windshield was at about the 0:18 mark.

The video below shows a hit and run accident where a woman hits her friend, two cars, and then drives off trying to get away. The video starts off showing the dash cam car waiting for a woman driving a red car and trying to back out of a parking spot. After struggling to back out, the woman asks her friend to help her, so her friend gets out of the car and stands behind it to help her back out. Suddenly, the woman steps on the accelerator and smashes into the car behind her. The woman does not take her foot off the accelerator and the car keeps moving and hits her friend who was standing behind the car that she just hit. After hitting the car and her friend, the woman keeps her foot on the gas pedal and hits a second car before finally coming to a stop. Instead of getting out to check on her friend, the woman just takes off leaving her friend and the two damaged cars behind.