Slow Speed Car Flip And Car Slides Off Road

The video above shows a slow motion crash that ends with the car being flipped over onto its roof. The video starts off with the dash cam car parked on the right side of what looks like an alley. In front of the dash cam car, you can see two other parked cars, as well as the headlights of an oncoming car. The oncoming car turns into the alley and comes around the white SUV driving normally. Just as it looks as though the car is going to continue on its way down the alley, it clips the parked car on the left of the dash cam car. The impact of the collision causes the oncoming car to pop up onto two wheels momentarily before finally flipping over onto its roof after bumping into the dash cam car as well.

The video below shows a driver losing control of his vehicle and sliding off the road. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving in the left lane behind a white car. As the two cars pass by a slow moving orange truck on their right side everything appears to be normal until the white car makes a sudden movement to try to swerve to the right. It appears as though the white car was trying to avoid a tire fragment from a blown out tire. After the white car swerves, the dash cam car tries to do the same thing, but the driver begins to lose control and the car begins to skid. The dash cam car slides sideways until it is facing the side of the road and eventually slides off the road.