Seattle Cop Punches Man In Face And Car Pushed Into Oncoming Traffic

The video above shows a Seattle Police Officer punching a suspect in the face multiple times as they were taking the suspect into custody. The incident occurred on December 29, 2010 in Seattle, Washington when Seattle Police Officers noticed a car left running outside of a department store. Suspecting that a robbery may be in progress, the police officers began to investigate the vehicle when the vehicle’s owner, 18-year-old Isaac Ocak, returned to the vehicle and began to ask questions. Seattle Police Officer Larry Longley questioned Ocak about the number of keys that Ocak had on his keychain. When Ocak asked why the officer was being so rude to him, Longley responded, “I don’t have to be nice to you.” The dash cam video shows Longley punch Ocak in the face twice while Ocak is being taken into custody. Longley claims that Ocak bit his finger and Longley punched him in self defense.

The video below shows a traffic collision that occurred when a car is pushed into oncoming traffic. The accident occurred on July 14th, 2013 in Russia. The video starts off showing the dash cam car following behind another light colored car. The vehicles seem to be progressing down the road normally until the car in front of the light colored car comes to a sudden stop. The light colored car tries to come to a stop, but is unable to stop in time, so it tries to swerve around the car in front of it. The light colored car is unable to swerve around the other car and collides with it. The force of the impact pushes the other car into oncoming traffic where it is hit by another car coming in the opposite direction.