Police Crash Into SUV And Police Beat Latino Motorist For Blue Tinted Lights

The video above shows a collision between a police car and an SUV on October 1st, 2008. The video starts off with the police car pulling up to a stop sign at an intersection and waiting for traffic to clear. Once traffic has cleared, the police car makes a right turn onto the main road and begins to accelerate. The police car seems to be going faster than all of the other cars as the dash cam shows the police car passing by many slower moving vehicles in the left lane. The dash cam also shows that the road that the police car is travelling on is hilly and makes it difficult to see cars coming over the hill. As the police car comes up over one hill, a dark colored SUV can be seen pulling out in front of it, just as the police car makes it over the hill.

The video below shows two police officers beating a Latino motorist after pulling him over for having blue-tinted signal lights. The incident occurred on October 8th, 20008 when two Prince George County police officers pulled over 30-year-old Rafael A Rodriguez for having blue-tinted signal lights. The video shows Officers John Wynkoop and Scott Wilson in a struggle with Rodriguez after Wynkoop pulls Rodriguez out of his car and pepper sprays him. In the video tape, Rodriguez and be heard screaming for help and pleading for the officers not to kill him. Officer Wynkoop claims that Rodriguez punched him in the stomach, but according to the video, Rodriquez did not assault either of the officers.