Police Attack Black Motorist And Angry Motorist Causes Multiple Accidents

The video above shows Kansas City Police Officers attacking a Black motorist after a traffic stop. The incident occurred on August 30th, 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri when Carlos McCain was pulled over for having a license plate that was covered. McCain verbally protested before stepping out of his vehicle and appearing to comply with the police officer’s commands. The video then shows Officer Brandon Hunter inexplicably twisting McCains arm and throwing him to the ground. Once they are on the ground McCain complains that Officer Hunter struck him for no reason. Officer Chad D. Fowler enters the scene to help restrain McCain, but during the whole video, McCain can be heard claiming that the Officer hit him for no reason. McCain needed three stitches for the cut to his eye.

The video below shows a traffic collision involving a driver who was not satisfied with the initial impact of the collision and went back for more. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving along a snow covered road following behind a big rig truck. As both cars pass through a traffic light, everything seems normal until a white car crashes into a red car and then subsequently crashes into the big rig. After the all the cars come to a stop, it appears as though the driver of the white car was not satisfied with the initial collision and rams the big rig a second time. In slow motion, it looks like the red car was rear ended by the white car and that the driver intentionally steered into the big rig to hit it a second time.