Car Spins Out And Man Breaks Cane On Cops Head

The video above shows a driver losing control of his car on the highway and spinning multiple times after crashing into the guard rail. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving in the middle lane of an open highway. As the video progresses, an grey car merges on the highway in front of the dash cam car and accelerates to highway speed. Everything seems to be going smoothly when all of a sudden you can hear tire screeching. In the left side of the video, you can see a red car sliding sideways and then crashing into the guard rail on the left side of the highway. After the car crashes into the guard rail, it spins around multiple times before finally coming to a stop in front of the dash cam car.

The video below shows a man breaking a cane over the head of a police officer. The incident occurred on January 23rd, 2008 in Petoskey, Michigan when Petoskey Police Officer Todd Troxel pulled over the driver of a minivan for failing to use the turn signal. The driver, who was identified as Jacqueline Burks, told the officer that her husband was injured in a fall and that she was taking him to the hospital. Officer Troxel prevents Burks from getting a wheelchair for her husband and argues with her while her husband, Reggie Burks is still in the car. Jacqueline pleads with the Officer to let her bring her husband into the hospital, but Officer Troxel insists on seeing her driver’s license first. When Officer Troxel grabs Jacqueline, her husband gets out of the car and hits him in the head with a cane.