Best Vines January 2014 #3

The video above shows the best vines for the third week of January 2014. The first vine in the series shows a pretty cool trick with a shoe that appears to be not only waterproof, but resistant to any type of liquid. The clip starts off showing water being poured onto the shoe and just rolling right off. Then comes the syrup, honey, and what looks like ketchup. All of these liquids seem to roll off the shoe without soaking in or sticking. The next vine in the series shows an analogy of what it feels like to have to wait for your crush to like you back. The vine after that shows a very cool illusion where it appears as though the youtube video has stalled and is still loading when in fact the guy in the video is actually just holding a picture and a video on a computer screen while holding a pose to make it seem like he was pouring liquid onto his computer. Watch the video to see the rest.