Wrong Way Crash And Motorcycle Flips

The video above shows a head on collision with a cube truck and another vehicle. The car with the dash cam is traveling in the left lane on the highway driving normally. Keep your eyes on the cube truck in the lane to the right of the dash cam car. Suddenly, out of nowhere the cube truck is involved in a collision with a car traveling in the wrong direction on the highway. The resulting collision causes the wrong way car to bounce off the cube truck and into the car with the dash cam installed. The slow motion replay at the end of the video shows that the car going the wrong way on the road was going so fast that it had enough speed to cause the cube truck to lift up off of the ground upon impact.

The video below shows a motorcycle crash where the rider of the motorcycle ends up flipping over the hood of the vehicle that hits him. The video starts off with the car that has the dash cam being stopped in traffic at an intersection. When the car in front moves forward, the car with the dash cam remains stationary. It appears as though the car with the dash cam was waiting to allow a car to enter the intersection and make a left turn. When the black car enters the intersection by making a left turn, the single headlight of a motorcycle can be seen speeding towards the black car. The motorcycle collides with the black car that entered the intersection and the motorcycle rider ends up doing somersault over the hood of the black car and landing next to the car with the dash cam. The slow motion replay of the video looks like the motorcycle rider is doing a perfect cartwheel in the air.