Use Car Accessories For Better Look And Comfort

With video there is not room for mistakes, I can’t save things in Photoshop, and I get a lot less done. The editing process is slower too. So for the same amount of effort I produce a lot less video material than I can with stills.

DON’T ASSUME YOU KNOW THE WAY: I have done this many times; taken off for somewhere that I have been before, thinking I know the way, and before I know it, I have taken a wrong turn and I am lost again. Use your coping mechanisms every time. For those of us with this problem, getting there successfully one time doesn’t mean we will the next!

The Drew Brees accident hoax came about earlier this week after people began taking to Twitter and Facebook to pass on the terrible news that Saints QB Drew Brees had broken not one, but both of his legs in a car crash. Fortunately, word of this most recent celebrity injury/death untrue story reached Brees’ own ears before long, and the NFL quarterback took to Twitter to ease the minds of his fans.

One sure way of knowing exactly where your teenager is going and how they drive when on the open road is to have a portable Vehicle Dash Camera. Instead of trying to track them with GPS or following them like you’re some kind of private investigator, simply record their driving habits and whereabouts with a DVR mounted vehicle dash camera. As your teen starts the car, have them record their commute. Now if you think this sounds intrusive or untrusting of your teen, think about this for a second. Your teenager is driving along and makes his/her way through an intersection and gets T-Boned! The driver of the other vehicle who was on their cell phone not paying attention swears up and down that their light was green and is quick to point out the age and inexperience of your teen driver.

When ordering from online it’s easy to sort through the dashcam kits to find the one that is made especially for your vehicle. Every time you visit BestCamsAndVines you might find yourself overwhelmed by dashcam information. All you have to do is click through the options to find the one made for your car.

Though at first glance, it looks like the original version, it comes with the improved lense, capability of taking 10 pics in 1 sec. You can also adjust the field of view. You can expand it to 170 degrees or can narrow it to 127 or 90 degrees. The LCD screen of this camera has also some changes, now it consists a more perceptive menu. A mini-HDMI port and a 3.5mm headphone jack are the additional features of this amazing camera. An interesting feature of the HD Hero 2 is that there are LED lights on all sides which indicate when it is recording. It is the world’s most versatile hd camera. It is also compatible with GoPro’s series of WiFi products.

Flaunting your cool car is obviously not enough. An awesome key ring to hold your car key is absolutely an MUST-have accessory. The key ring must identify with your car. Just something like a bag that complements your body type, the key ring should do the same. If your car is in a pastel shade, maybe you should choose a similar color key chain. For the bright colors, just take your pick from so many vivid and glamorous key chains flooding the car accessories stores without hesitate!

Out of everything I mention, getting people onto your opt-in audience list is most important. An audience list will allow you to collect a name and email address of your visitor.

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