Ultimate Truck Crash In Asia Collection [April 2015]

The video above shows the best truck crashes in Asia captured on dash cam for the month of April 2015. The first video clip in the collection starts off with a video showing the dash cam car driving in the left most lane of a highway. A silver sedan can be seen ahead of the dash cam car one lane to the right and a truck can be seen next to the silver sedan. It appears as though the truck either blows a tire, or hits something in the road that causes it to swerve into the silver sedan. The truck smashes into the silver sedan and pushes it across the lane in front of the dash cam car and crushes it against the center divider. Luckily, the dash cam car driver had quick enough reflexes to be able to swerve out of the way of the collision and did not crash into the truck.

The next video in the truck crash collection starts off with the dash cam car driving down the left lane of a highway on a rainy day. There is a small truck that is in front of the dash cam car and there is another truck that looks like a fuel tanker is driving in the right lane right next to the dash cam car. As the fuel truck begins to pull ahead of the dash cam car, the fuel truck starts to slide sideways. Luckily, the fuel truck does not crash into any other cars as it slides to a stop.

The third video in the collection starts with the dash cam car stopped at an intersection. It appears as though a silver van is stopped in the middle of an intersection. The driver of the silver van may have initially wanted to make a left turn and then changed his mind in the middle of the intersection. The silver minivan tries to cross the intersection against a red light and does not see the truck heading across the intersection perpendicular to the van.

Watch the video above to see the rest of the truck crashes in Asia for April 2015.