Ultimate Truck Crash Collection [April 2015]

The video above shows the collection of the best truck crashes captured on dash cam for the month of April 2015. The first video in the collection starts off with the dash cam car stopped behind a white car at what looks like a snow covered intersection. The white car moves forward and a truck can be seen headed towards the intersection where the dash cam car is stopped. The dash cam car starts to move forward as the truck tries to make a right turn at the intersection. Unfortunately, the truck may have been going too fast and the truck begins to slide across the snow and smashes into the dash cam car.

The next video in the collection shows the dash cam car coming around the turn with a big truck coming in the opposite direction. The truck is carrying what appears to be a really long pipe. The truck tries to make the turn around the corner, but as the dash cam car gets closer, it appears as though the truck will not be able to make the turn. The truck ends up colliding with the dash cam car and pushes it against the snowy embankment.

The third video in the collection shows the dash cam car driving down a road right behind a black sedan. Up ahead of the dash cam car on the right, an orange truck can be seen driving in the same direction as the dash cam car, but at a slower speed. As the dash cam car approaches the orange truck, a black SUV can be seen in front of the orange truck. It looks as though the orange truck collided with the black SUV since both vehicle appear to be stopped when the dash cam car passes by.

Watch the video above to see the rest of the truck crashes for the month of April 2015.