Ultimate Scooter Crash Collection [March 2015]

The video above contains the best scooter crashes for the month of March 2015. The first video collection starts off with a helmet cam video clip from a motorcycle rider. The motorcycle rider is approaching an intersection where the cross traffic doesn’t stop. The motorcycle rider looks to the right and then looks to the left to make sure that the way is clear for him to cross through. Just as the motorcycle rider finishes looking in both directions, the motorcycle rider looks in front of him to see a man on a green scooter right in front of him. The motorcycle rider doesn’t have time to react and crashes into the scooter. The riders and helmet cam go for a spin, but it appears as though both were okay after the crash.

The next video in the clip starts off with the dash cam car passing through an intersection at a green light. From the right side of the screen you can see a blue scooter pass by the dash cam car and attempt to swerve around a silver SUV when the SUV suddenly comes to a stop. The scooter can not stop in time and collides with the SUV. The scooter rider is thrown off of his scooter, but manages to jump back to his feet after hitting the pavement. The scooter rider then goes back to pick up his scooter off of the ground and tries to drive off. The driver of the SUV gets out of the car, apparently to have a few words with the scooter rider, but the rider isn’t interested in sticking around. The scooter rider takes off, but not without hitting another car as he tries to merge back into the street.

Watch the video above to see the rest of the scooter and motorcycle crashes for the month of March 2015.