Ultimate Dash Cam Collection [May 2015]

The video above shows the best dash cam car crashes for the month of May 2015. The first video in the collection starts off showing the dash cam car stopped at an intersection waiting for cross traffic to pass. As the video goes on, cars seem to be crossing through the intersection normally without any problems. As traffic clears, a dark color sedan enters the intersection from the opposite side of the street. The dark sedan gets about half way across the intersection before a light blue sedan enters the intersection at the same time and crashes into the dark sedan. The force of the impact from the collision causes the dark colored sedan to slide over and crash head on with the dash cam car.

The next video in the collection starts off similar to the first one with the dash cam car waiting at an intersection. There is a red jeep that is in front of the dash cam car and waiting to make a left turn in front of the dash cam car. All of a sudden, you can hear tires screeching as a dark colored sedan is sliding out of control and crashes into the red jeep that was waiting to make a turn. There was a white SUV following behind the dark colored sedan and ends up crashing into the sedan as well.

The third video in the collection shows a snow storm where the dash cam car is following behind another car. The car in front of the dash cam car looks like it swerves out of the way for no reason, but seconds later the reason becomes clear. There is a multi-car pile up on the highway where all of the cars in front of the dash cam car are stopped, but the dash cam car can not stop in time.

Watch the video above to see the rest of the car crashes caught on dash cam for the month of May 2015.