Truck Smashes Through Traffic And Woman Almost Electrocuted

The video above shows some unlucky drivers who are stuck in traffic when a truck headed in the opposite direction plows into them. The video starts off with the dash cam car crawling through some slow moving traffic in the left most lane of the road. The white car in front of the dash cam car comes to a stop and it looks like its just the normal behavior of stop and go traffic. A couple seconds later, a truck can be seen from the top left of the screen sliding out of control and then slamming into the white car in front of the dash cam car. The momentum of the truck pushes the white car into the dash cam car with enough force that the airbags in the dash cam car deploy. As if sitting in traffic was not bad enough.

The video below shows a woman in Russia who was almost electrocuted while walking across the street. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving past some cars on the left before coming to a stop at an intersection. You can see cross traffic at the intersection proceeding as normal until a truck with what looks like a small crane on the back enters the intersection. At the same time, a woman begins crossing the street starting from the left side of the dash cam video. Some of the cars stop and wait to allow the woman to cross the street, but as the truck with the crane gets to about the center of the intersection, the crane catches some of the power cables above causing them to fall to the ground in front of the woman. Luckily, they missed.