SUV Rear Ended And Driver Exits Windshield

The video above shows an SUV get rear ended and end up colliding with a row of stopped cars. The video starts off showing the dash cam car being stopped in traffic. On the opposite side of the road, you can see a black SUV enter the road by making a right turn and merging onto the road with another car quickly approaching. The slow moving SUV is rear ended by another car and is pushed into the opposite side of the road, into a couple of cars that were stopped in traffic. The dash cam car is also hit and the hood of the car ends up popping open due to the collision. The slow motion replay shows that the SUV was spun around almost 360 degrees when it was hit by the other vehicle.

The video below shows an interesting collision between a couple of big rig trucks. The video starts off with the dash cam car traveling behind a big rig truck. A couple seconds into the video, the big rig truck that the dash cam car is following swerves to the left, across the road into the opposite side of traffic. As the big rig begins to clear out of the lane, you can see that the big rig seemingly swerved to avoid another truck that was stopped immediately in front of it. Then, another big rig that was traveling in the opposite direction collides with the big rig that cut it off. After the collision, a man with a striped shirt can be seen hanging on the front of the big rig that just collided with the other big rig. In slow motion, you can see that the man was actually the driver who was ejected through the windshield and was hanging onto the steering wheel before casually letting go.