Scooter And Car Flip

The video above shows a collision with a scooter and a car. The dash cam car is driving in the middle of a three lane road when a scooter passes on the right hand side. A slow moving silver car changes lanes in front of the scooter and it looks like the scooter has enough time to swerve around the car, but the silver car stops and the scooter collides with the car. Both of the riders of the scooter are thrown into the air from the collision. The driver of the dash cam car tries to avoid one of riders of the scooter by swerving into the left lane, but ends up bumping into the car beside them. After the dash cam car bumps the car next to them, that car ends up hitting the curb and flipping over. The video ends with the white car being flipped upside down after hitting the curb.

The video below provides another angle of the accident. This time, the perspective is from the white car that was beside the car that swerved to avoid the scooter riders who were thrown in the air. The video starts off showing the dash cam car approaching an intersection and waiting for traffic to clear before making a U-turn. Once the dash cam car has made the U-turn, it continues forward as another car and two scooters pass by. The dash cam car changes lanes to the left most lane to pass a slow moving black car right before the collision occurs. In the top right of the screen, you can see the scooter collide with the silver car and the riders of the scooter flying through the air. The dash cam car gets bumped into the curb and ends up flipping over as a result of the collision.