Police Taser DUI Suspect And Robbery Suspect Gets Away

The video above shows police officers using a Taser on a DUI suspect. The incident occurred on June 22nd, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico after police officers pulled over a man who was suspected of driving under the influence. The dash cam video starts off with one of the police officers asking the suspect for his drivers license, but the suspect says that he does not have it. After failing a field sobriety test, the dash cam video then skips to when the officer tries to take the suspect into custody, but the suspect begins to resist. The officer throws the suspect to the ground, but the suspect is able to get back to his feet and tries to struggle free before the other officer fires a Taser at him, causing him to drop back to the ground.

The video below shows a police chase that resulted in the suspect escaping from police. The incident occurred on May 5th, 2008 in Parma, Ohio, where police were searching for a robbery suspect. The dash cam video shows police spotting a vehicle that matched the description of the robbery suspect and begin to give chase. The suspect refused to stop and began to flee as officers began their pursuit. At one point, the suspect’s vehicle smashes into a guard rail, but the suspect is able to maintain control of his vehicle and the pursuit continues. At the end of the chase, the suspect slows the car down and jumps out while the car is still rolling forward. The dash cam catches the car slowly roll off the side of the highway as the suspect is able to get away.