Police Smash Woman’s Face For DUI

47 year old Cassandra Feuerstein was arrested and charged with DUI on March 10, 2013 when officers found her pulled over on the side of the road and asleep behind the wheel. During the booking process, Skokie Police Officer Michael Hart was assisting with fingerprinting and photographing when he became irate at Feuerstein when she would not look at the camera. Officer Hart takes Feuerstein back to her cell and at about the 1:40 mark, Officer Hart can be seen shoving her in the back, causing her to go face first into a concrete bench. According to Torri Hamilton, Feuerstein’s attorney, she had to have facial reconstructive surgery to repair her broken face and now has a titanium cheekbone. Officer Hart was placed on paid administrative leave and was finally charged with aggravated battery on October 30, 2013, over six months after the incident.