Police Shoot At Minivan With 5 Kids And Police Choke And Punch Suspect

The video above shows shows a police chase and shooting that occurred on Oct. 28th, 2013 in Taos, NM. The video starts off showing a New Mexico State Police Officer returning to a minivan to talk to the driver. The driver is 39-year-old Oriana Ferrell and she was pulled over for speeding. The officer informs her that she is going to be receiving a ticket and that she has two options, either to pay the fine or to contest it in court. After a bit of arguing, the officer tells Ferrell to turn the vehicle off and he goes back to his vehicle to tell the dispatch that she is not going to make a decision. When the officer walks back to his car, Ferrell takes off, leading the officer on a short chase. She then pulls over again and argues with the officer for a few more minutes until she realizes she’s being arrested and she takes off again, but not before another officer fires a couple shots at the minivan.

The video below shows Seattle Police Officer Eric Faust choking and punching Leo Etherly on Oct. 6th, 2012 in Seattle, WA. The video starts off with the police car pulling into a parking lot in response to a call about a hit and run involving a bicyclist a few blocks away. After police pull into the parking lot, it sounds like an officer gets out of the car, and then the car is put in reverse until it is facing the suspect. The driver gets out of the police car to question Etherly and after a few minutes, Etherly becomes uncooperative. The situation appears to escalate until the officers try to take Etherly into custody and he resists. Officer Faust can be seen choking Etherly, and then changing his hand position so he is only covering his mouth. Faust then punches Etherly in the face before dragging him off the hood of the car onto the ground.