Police Chase Stolen Police Car And Policeman Beats Handcuffed Woman

The video above shows a police chase that occurred in Atlanta, Georgia involving police chasing a stolen vehicle, but this was not your standard, everyday police chase. What made this chase different was that the stolen vehicle was actually a police car. The video starts off with the dash cam police car driving with its siren on and the policeman honking its horn. As the dash cam car makes a right turn at the first intersection, it approaches another intersection in a few seconds and you can see a dark colored police car drive by with its lights off, followed by a number of police cars with their lights on. After all of the police cars pass, the dash cam police car joins the chase. The dash cam police car can be seen driving on the wrong side of the wrong for a good amount of time during the chase and has to avoid multiple cars while driving on the wrong side of the road.

The video below shows a police officer punching a handcuffed woman in the head multiple times after he pepper sprayed himself. The incident took place back in February 2008, in the City of Millville, in Cumberland County, New Jersey. In the dash cam video, Millville Police Officer Carlo Drogo can be seen stopping Sheila Stevenson, who is riding a bicycle. At some point during the stop, Officer Drogo can be seen pepper spraying himself, and then tackling Stevenson. When backup arrives, two other officers take Stevenson into custody and handcuff her as Officer Drogo is still in pain from pepper spraying himself. After Stevenson is handcuffed, Officer Drogo can be seen going back over to Stevenson and punching her in the head multiple times. Officer Drogo resigned from the Millville Police Department later that year. Stevenson and the City of Millville reached a settlement agreement 2 years later.