Police Chase Ends In Shootout And Police Arrest Firefighter Trying To Help Victim

The video above shows a police chase that ended with a shootout. The shootout occurred on March 17, 2013 in Solon, Ohio and began with a routine traffic stop. While Officer Steven Davis was questioning the suspect, he noticed the smell of marijuana and a bunch of random bags in the car. When the officer asked the suspect, Kevin Bailey, to step out of the car, Bailey proceeded to roll up his window, and then started the car and attempted to escape. As Bailey was starting the engine to the car, one of the officers can be heard advising him, “don’t do it” (referring to trying to run away.) Bailey almost causes an accident as he does a three point turn in an attempt to take off in the opposite direction. When one of the officers blocks his vehicle, he does another three point turn and takes off in the other direction. After a quick chase, Bailey’s car becomes disabled, and he opens the door and starts shooting. Bailey was killed in the shootout while the Officer Davis was hit in the arm and chest, and survived.

The video below shows a police officer abusing his power and arresting a firefighter who was trying to help an accident victim. The video starts off with a firetruck arriving at the scene of an accident and firefighters jump off of the truck to help the accident victims. After the firetruck parks next to the accident, Officer Todd Greeves quickly walks over, seemingly more concerned about where the firetruck was parked then about the accident victims or the saftey of the emergency personnel on the scene. Officer Greeves wants the fire truck to be moved, but the fire captain wants the firetruck to remain where it is to protect the emergency workers. After some back and forth between Officer Greeves and the firefighters, Greeves stops the fire captain from assisting the accident victim and takes him into custody.