Police Chase Car Going Wrong Way On Highway and Head On Collision

The video above shows a police chase involving a DUI suspect going the wrong way on the highway. The video starts off showing the police car driving down the highway. Around the 0:25 mark, you can see a car going the wrong way in the High-Occupancy Vehicle(HOV) lane. The police officer turns on the his lights and speeds forward looking for an opening in the center divider that will allow him to make a U-turn to turn back after the DUI suspect. The police officer speeds past the suspect going the wrong way and is now looking for another break in the center divider that will allow him to get back onto the same side of the highway as the suspect. After making another U-turn, the police officer blocks the HOV lane in an effort to stop the suspect, but when the suspect catches up with the officer, she does not stop. The suspect was later identified as 19 year old Haylee Arnell from Riverton, Utah. She was charged with DUI and multiple other charges in connection with the chase.

The video below shows a brutal head on collision that occured on a rainy day in Russia. The video starts off with the dash cam car traveling on down an empty highway on a rainy day. A few seconds into the video a white car quicky approaches from the opposite direction headed the other way. As the road begins to curve, the white car does not follow the curve, but instead, continues to travel straight, crossing over the white line dividing the road and heads straight for the dash cam car. The imact of the collision is brutal and cracks the windshield of the dash cam car. In slow motion, you can see that the tail end of the white car goes almost completely vertical due to the force of the impact of the collision.