Police Chase And Shoot At Bank Robbery Suspect And 14-yr Old

The video above is the dash cam video that was released by the Boynton Beach Police Department showing a police chase and shooting that occurred on June 12th, 2013. The driver of the red Lincoln Town Car was identified as 52 year old Calvin Wallace of Boynton Beach, Florida. Wallace was an armed robbery suspect and was spotted by Boynton Beach Police officers who began the police chase. The brief chase ended with a shootout between Wallace and Officers Chris Munro and Eric Reynolds. Reynolds was shot in the foot during the exchange with Wallace, but survived the shooting while Wallace died from his injuries. It is reported that Wallace had a lengthy arrest record including eight felony charges in Palm Beach County. Some of his convictions included possession of cocaine and drug trafficking.

The video below shows a police chase that ended with shots fired and ultimately with the suspect surrendering. This shooting occurred on June 12th, 2012 between Officer Larry Perronne of the Manitowoc Police Department and a 14 year old Illinois boy. According to police, the chase started off when they spotted the boy speeding through town in a stolen pickup truck. After a brief chase, the boy trapped by police officers, but instead of slowing down, he decides to ram the police car that was blocking his path. The collision causes the boy to lose control of the vehicle and ends up hoping the curb and crashing into a pole. The boy then puts the truck into reverse and tries to take off again when Officer Larry Perronne opens fire on the vehicle. The boy drives down the street for a few seconds before deciding he has had enough and decides to surrender.