Police Beat Handcuffed Suspect And Police Chase Ends In Fatal Shooting

The video above shows a former Kansas City Police Officer beating a handcuffed suspect in the head with his fist. The incident occurred on October 5th, 2013 as 21-year-old Alfredo Ponce was being placed under arrest for being the suspect in an armed carjacking. The video starts off showing multiple officers trying to restrain Alfredo before successfully placing handcuffs on him and securing him. After the suspect is secured, 39-year-old Carl Counti, the police officer holding Alfredo down, begins to punch the suspect in the head while he is handcuffed and immobilized. Carl punches Alfredo multiple times before stopping for a few seconds and then repeatedly punching him again. Counti goes through this sequence multiple times and was eventually charged and convicted of third-degree assault for admittingly striking a restrained suspect in the face and head with his fist.

The video below shows a police chase that ended with the fatal shooting of Justin Hurst on March 17, 2007. Texas Game Warden Justin Hurst was fatally shot and killed by James Garret Freeman at the end of a police chase. The video below shows the dash cam footage of the chase as Hurst tried to stop Freeman to ticket him for illegally hunting at night time. After a brief chase, the dash cam video shows Freeman stopping his vehicle, stepping out of the driver side and then opening fire on Hurst. Hurst tries to put his vehicle in reverse as other officers exchange gunfire with Freeman. After Freeman fires off his first volley of shots, he appears to return to his vehicle briefly before coming back out and opening fire again, this time striking Hurst and the dash cam as well. Freeman has convicted in this shooting and has been sentenced to death.