Plane Crashes In Russia And Afghanistan

The video above is a dash cam video that shows the cargo plane crash outside of Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. The plane can be seen taking off from the air base and climbing altitude. As the plane climbs, it seems as though the plane begins to stall and then it takes a turn and spins down towards the ground. The crash results in a huge fireball that is recorded by the car’s dash cam. There is speculation that a weight shift in the cargo that the plane was carrying caused the crash. The weight of the cargo on the plane was within the specifications and load limits for the plane, but if the weight was unevenly distributed, then there would be the potential for disaster.

In the video below, the dash cam on this car captures a plane crash at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport in 2012. The video starts off with the car driving along a highway that is next to the airport. A few seconds later, the plane can be seen crashing in the right hand side of the screen. The debris from the crash is scattered across the highway hitting the car with the dash cam as well as the car in front of it. After being impacted by the debris, the car with the dash cam can be heard skidding, trying to slowdown before coming to a halt at the side of the road. Early news reports indicated that at least two people were killed in this crash.