Pedestrians Hit At Intersection And Scooter Makes Bad Decision

The video above shows some innocent pedestrians getting hit by a truck. When the video starts off, you can see two pedestrians in the top right of the screen slowly and carefully crossing the road. Traffic at the intersection seems to be proceeding as normal and you can even see some vehicles passing through the intersection with balloons tied to them, possibly part of a wedding procession. After a few cars pass, a pedestrian enters the screen from the top left and safely crosses the street and walks past the other two pedestrians who are still waiting on the corner. It looks as though one of the pedestrians is about to attempt to cross when they decide to wait for the next set of vehicles to pass first. After those vehicles pass, a big truck is seen coming down the road. Then the unthinkable happens.

In the video below, a scooter can be seen cutting off a car and then paying the price. Not sure what compelled the rider to do that in the first place though. The video starts off with the dash cam car moving slowly in the right lane passing some cars including one that looks like it was just in an accident and being towed away. As traffic starts moving again, the dash cam car starts to pick up speed and keeps accelerating and passing cars while still in the right lane. As the dash cam car approacheds the scooter, the driver of the scooter swerves in front of the dash cam car and appears to slam on the brakes. In the slow motion replay of the collision you can see the brake light on the scooter lighting up right before the impact. Kind of makes you wonder if this was another one of those insurance scams?