Ohio Man Fights Police And Arkansas Police Chase Ends With Shooting

The video above shows an Ohio man who fought with a police officer during a traffic stop. The incident occurred on July 21, 2010 in Middletown, Ohio when Middletown Police Officer Jason Deaton pulled over 45-year-old Middletown resident Eric German for what should have been a routine traffic stop. According to reports, after German was pulled over, he seemed to be combative and upset. Officer Deaton tried to take German into custody, but could only secure one handcuff before German began to struggle free. Officer Deaton then shot German with a Taser, hitting him in the lower back, but instead of subduing German, the Taser seemed to aggravate him more as he then turns to attack Officer Deaton. Officer Deaton was taken to the hospital later that day and had to have reconstructive surgery for his injuries. German was charged with assaulting a police officer along with a several other charges.

The video below shows a police chase that ended with the suspect being shot to death by police officers. The incident occurred on August 13th, 2008 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The man being chased was 50-year-old Timothy Dale Johnson of Searcy, Arkansas. Johnson had just gunned down the Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party Bill Gwatney earlier that day and police were now in pursuit. The video shows the end of the police chase involving Arkansas police officers chasing Johnson in his blue pickup truck. One of the officers pursuing Johnson was able to perform the PIT maneuver as Johnson was taking a turn and caused Johnson to lose control of his car. Officers say that Johnson then went for one of the guns in his truck when they began to open fire, killing Johnson.