October Best Cams And Range Rover Runs Over Bikers

The video above shows a black Range Rover running over motorcyclists and then driving away. The video starts off showing a group of bikers riding along a highway when around the 0:25 second mark, it appears as though the Range Rover makes contact with one of the bikes. All of the bikers come to a stop blocking all of the lanes of traffic. At about the 0:50 mark the Range Rover runs over the first set of bikes and takes off. The bikers chase the Range Rover for a few minutes until it comes to a stop due to traffic. One biker tries to open the door to the Range Rover while it is stopped around the 5:00 mark when it takes off again running over another bike. At the end of the video the Range Rover comes to a stop due to traffic. This time a biker gets off his bike and smashes the window with his helmet. News reports say the driver of the Range Rover was Alexian Lien and had his wife Rosalyn Ng and infant daughter in the car with him when he was attacked by the bikers. Initial reports claimed that Lien had driven off when the bikers began denting the car with their helmets and slashing his tires.

The video below shows the best cam videos for the month of October. It shows some of the high speed pursuits that ended in crashes as well as a collection of dash cam videos of other notable and dramatic crashes. Many of the collision are head on collisions that come from nowhere, some of them on icy roads, while others on rain soaked roads. There are also a few major crashes involving big rig trucks plowing through traffic and a security cam video of a car sliding out of control and hitting a pole. There is the dual view dash cam that showed the oncoming traffic in the accident as well as the drivers expression moments before the collision. There is also the surprise in the trunk that was captured by a dash cam. A cement truck is seen crashing through parked cars in one clip while fragments from a guard rail can be seen smashing through the windshield in another clip.