Navy Yard Gunman Aaron Alexis And Motorcycle Crash

The video above shows a collision between a car and a small scooter. The car with the dash cam installed is driving along a road with a single lane in both directions. Traffic in the opposite direction seems to be at a standstill while the lane that the car with the dash cam is traveling in is wide open. A couple seconds into the clip, a man on a small scooter can be seen splitting between the stopped cars on the opposite side of the road and coming in front of the car with the dash cam installed. There is no time for the driver of the car to stop and the car plows through the scooter that cut in front of it. Parts of the scooter and the contents that the rider was carrying can be seen being strewn all over the place after the impact. The video also has a couple slow motion replays at the end.

The video below is from surveillance video taken of the Navy Yard Gunman Aaron Alexis. The video starts off showing Aaron arriving at the facility driving a Toyota Prius. The next clip shows Aaron entering the facility carrying a bag. It is believed that the shotgun that Alexis used in the shooting was contained in the bag. News reports have said that after entering the facility, Aaron entered a restroom for several minutes before emerging in the hallway with the shotgun that can be seen in the third segment of the clip. Aaron can be seen making his way down the hallway as he was hunting for victims. He even stopped at what looks like an open door to a room to check to see if anyone was inside before continuing on. The following segment in the clip shows Aaron coming down a flight of stairs and entering another building. The final segment shows him in another hallway and crouching low as he moved down the hall.