Mickey Mouse & Sponge Bob Road Rage

Road Rage happens everyday in countries all around the world. Russia is no different. However, it is not the road rage itself that makes this video interesting. It is the way that the perpetrators are dressed that makes this video different.

In the video above, you see the dash cam car following behind a white van. The passengers in the car seem to be carrying on as normal until you see a white truck pass by in the left lane. The truck quickly passed the dash cam car and then begins to approach the white van up ahead. Right after the truck passes the van, the truck pulls in front of the van and comes to a stop.

The driver of the truck gets out of the truck and approaches the van that he stopped in front of. It appears as though words are exchanged and some characters can be seen exiting out of the right hand side of the van. Literally, characters. After a couple seconds it appears as though the first character is Scrat from the movie Ice Age, followed by what appears to be an elephant. Those two are followed by SpongeBob SquarePants, a Nickelodeon character, and then by Mickey Mouse.

The four characters confront the man who got out of the truck who takes a couple of swings at the characters before eventually being overwhelmed. Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, Scrat, and their elephant looking friend jump the man who got out of the truck and begin to punch and kick him until he falls to the ground. After the man falls to the ground, the characters get in a couple more kicks before running back to the van and taking off. The whole time the fight is going on, the occupants of the dash cam car can be hear laughing hysterically.

After the characters are back in the van, the man from the truck gets up and hits the van before the van takes off. The video ends with the van and the dash cam car driving off. I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to explain to the police that you just got jumped by Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob.