Man Shoots At Police With AK-47

The video above shows the fatal shooting of James Gilkerson by Middlefield Police Officers on March 10th, 2013 in Middlefield, OH. The video starts off showing the police car approaching an intersection when they notice a green Saturn fail to stop before making a right turn at the intersection. The police car turns around to pursue the car and pulls Gilkerson over shortly after. After Gilkerson is pulled over, he stays in his car for a few seconds before stepping out with an AK-47 and opening fire on the two police officers. Officer Erin Thomas is hit and calls for backup while Officer Brandon Savage provides covering fire. The incident ends with Gilkerson screaming “kill me” before being hit multiple times from gunfire from the two officers. Inside Gilkerson’s car they found additional ammunition along with instructional materials on explosive making and gun-fighting.

The video below shows a brutal collision between a car and a scooter. The video starts off with the dash cam car approaching a busy intersection. The dash cam car comes to a stop and waits until it is safe to proceed. From the right hand side of the screen, you can see a dark colored sedan enter the intersection and begin to make a left turn towards the dash cam car. Right when the dark colored sedan enters crosses the path of opposing traffic, a scooter comes into the screen from the left side and collides with the dark colored sedan. The rider of the scooter does a cartwheel over the dark color sedan and lands on the other side of the car. The driver of the dash cam car gets out to check on the condition of the rider. In slow motion, you can see that the rider hit the pavement face first. It was reported that the rider was in serious, but stable condition after the accident.