Mall Pursuit and Insurance Scam

The video above starts off when a police officer tries to get the driver of a Toyota Tundra to turn of the engine to the car. Instead, the driver throws the car into reverse and tries to escape. The police officer gets back in his car and chases after the suspect. After a few turns, the suspect has a head on collision with another vehicle, but this doesn’t stop the suspect as they throw the car into reverse and then drive around the crashed vehicle. The suspect continues driving around the mall, narrowly missing other cars before getting out of the parking lot onto the main road. While on the main road, the suspect starts to create distance from the pursuing officer and it looks like they are going to get away when we see the smoking wreck of the Toyota Tundra after it crashed into a guard rail.

The video below shows some scam artists trying to get away with an insurance scam. It starts off when the scam artists stop their car and put it into reverse. They reverse their car into the car behind them, put their car in park and get out of the car to look at the damage. They then point at the driver of the car following them as if it was somehow his fault that they reversed into him. The driver of the car that was hit points out that he has a dash cam that recorded everything. After the driver points out that their scam has been recorded, the scam artists stop arguing and return to their car. It’s videos like this that make a good argument for everyone to have a dash cam.