HOWTO: Guide To Cash In On iPhone/iPad and Other Special Offers

Admit it. You’re curious. The ads are spammed everywhere, but does it really work?
The short answer: Yes.
The long answer: Yes, but it will take some effort and it does have some drawbacks.

Ok, so we’ve all seen the advertisements and popups scattered across almost every website on the internet today for free iPhones, iPads and other special offers. There are also plenty of reviews out there from people who have successfully completed the offers and gotten their free gifts while others have complained about months of waiting without receiving anything. So instead of getting into a debate on whether or not it works, let’s talk about why.

Why would anyone give away a free iPhone/iPad?
First off, to get the free iPhone, you will have to sign up for a number of offers. You don’t necessarily have to pay anything because most of them have a free trial period, but most of the time you have to enter a credit card or billing information. The reason for this is that the company is betting on the fact that you will forget that you signed up for the offer once the trial period ends and they will be able to charge you continuously until you cancel.

Second, to keep track of the offers you completed, you will have to submit your email and possibly telephone number as well. They then use this information for marketing purposes (basically spam). Of course, you can always opt out of mailings once they contact you, but that doesn’t stop them from adding you to new marketing lists.

Third, some offers have you fill out surveys for market research. This is done so they know what types of offers to send you (see the second point above).

Fourth, depending on the offer, you may have to refer some friends as well. This usually depends on which offers you complete and the value of the reward. So if you don’t want to complete that many offers, you can refer some friends to help fulfill your requirements.

So bottom line is, you sign up for some promotional offers, take some surveys, refer some friends, and provide your contact information to receive your reward.
Not worth it?
Don’t want to give out your contact information?
Well, I have a couple tips here that will at least help you avoid the email and telemarketing spam that you’ll get from these offers.

The best approach

Step 1:

Make a new email account to use for these offers. This way you won’t get spammed at your main/real email address. There are plenty of free email providers like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, so take your pick.

Step 2:

Get yourself a secondary phone number. Some people say Google Voice works, but if not, you should be able to get a prepaid phone/SIM card for a couple bucks. This is also so you don’t have to worry about telemarketers constantly calling you.

Step 3:

Make a spreadsheet to keep track of your offers, most importantly, the expiration date of any trials that you signed up for. If you don’t have a spreadsheet program you can use google docs (it’s free).

Step 4:

Fill out the offers and wait for your gift.

If you found this guide helpful and/or if you need to refer some friends to complete your requirements, be sure to share this guide with them on social media.

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