Head On Collision And Car Flips

The video above captures a head on collision between a car and a truck that seemingly comes out of no where. The video starts off with the car with the dash cam following a small cube truck. Then, out of nowhere, a silver car appears on screen in front of the cube truck and a collision occurs. Debris from the collision is scattered and strewn everywhere including in front of and all over the car with the dash cam. Luckily, it appears as though the impact from the collision caused the silver car to bounce off the cube truck and avoid hitting the car with the dash cam. The cube truck ended spinning sideways and then tipping over as a result while the car with the dash cam managed to avoid the falling cube truck. The driver of the car with the dash cam then pulls over to the side of the road after narrowly missing both cars.

The video below shows a car that suddenly loses control and smashes into a guardrail which causes it to flip over. The car with the dash cam appears to be a bus and can be seen traveling normally on a road. At about the 0:30 mark, a car can be seen passing the bus on the left side of the screen. The car then hits some debris on the road which causes the rear end of the car to pop up in the air. Subsequently, the driver of the car loses control and ends up slamming into the guard rail on the right side of the road. After colliding with the guard rail, the car flips and bounces back onto the road in front of the bus where the bus collides with the car sending it tumbling forward until both cars come to a stop. After a few minutes a man can be seen walking towards the wrecked car to check on its occupants.