Free Samsung Galaxy S5

Here’s a special offer for our readers, a free Samsung Galaxy S5. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Great, another one of the free iPhone/iPad ads. Do these really work?” Well, we can’t speak for the other ones, but the one at the bottom of this page does. But before you get click-happy, make sure you understand what is expected of you before you begin the offer.

In order to receive the Samsung Galaxy S5, you are going to have to participate in a number of surveys and complete a handful of trial offers. Not all of the offers cost money, some of them are free, but they all have different requirements and terms so make sure you read all of the terms of the offer so you understand what you need to accomplish. A lot of people don’t complete the offers under the agreed upon terms and later complain that they don’t receive their reward.

When you sign up for the offers, make sure you use your real contact information. Some people use fake information when filling out the offers, but that comes with a couple risks. If the companies find out that the information is false, then your submissions will be denied and you won’t get the Galaxy S5. Also, if you use fake information and you complete the offers, it may be difficult to track the completions. And, if everything goes smoothly and the offers are completed and tracked properly, you may have a problem claiming the reward if your information does not match the information you provided on the offers.

Of course, no one likes spam and telemarketers, so we put together a quick guide on how to complete these free iPhone/iPad/Special Offers successfully while mitigating the risk of getting tons of spam and telemarketer calls. You can find the guide here:

If you are interested in an iPhone 6 ore iPhone 5 Plus instead of the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can find their offers below:

Here is a list of all our special offers.