Free iPhone 6 Plus

There are plenty of websites out there that advertise free iPhones, iPads and other various free giveaways, but the problem is that you never know which ones are actually true. Many people have confirmed that signing up for the offer listed below will get you a new iPhone 6 Plus, but you should be aware of how the offer works and why they are sending you a free iPhone.

To get the free iPhone 6 Plus, you will have to sign up for a handful of trial services from a number of different vendors. The terms are different for each service so you should try to pick the services and/or offers that your are actually interested in. Once you have completed the offers you will receive your iPhone after the stated time period.

One thing you have to make sure of is that you use the correct contact information when completing the offers. This allows you to track the status of the offers properly and ensures that they will be able to contact you to send you your iPhone. Some people use fake information when filling out the offers and then complain that they don’t receive their iPhone. Obviously if you fill out the offers using a name, address, phone number, and email that isn’t yours, and then try to claim your iPhone using different information, your claim will be denied. Most people use fake information because they don’t want to be spammed, but we have a couple tips that can help you with that.

Check out our guide on how to successfully complete special offers:

The other thing worth mentioning is that the free iPhone 6 Plus offer doesn’t include any service agreement, so once you complete the offers and receive your phone, you will have to set up service with one of your local service providers.
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If you are interested in the regular iPhone 6 instead of the iPhone 6 Plus, take a look at the offer here:

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