Dump Truck Loading Fail And Car Crashes Into Pole

The video above was taken by a security camera that was monitoring the intersection and the surrounding area. The headlights on the small silver car can be seen reflecting off of the pole as the car slowly and cautiously approaches the intersection. As the silver car slowly enters the intersection, the driver slams on his brakes as a black car can be seen approaching at a high rate of speed in the top of the video. It appears as though the black car loses control and begins to slide sideways, possibly in an attempt to avoid the silver car that entered the intersection. As the black car skids out of control, it barely misses the silver car, but ends up sliding sideways into the pole at the bottom of the screen.

In the video below, a huge Caterpillar 793C can be seen being lifted up off of the loading dock by a chains attached to a crane. The loading procedure seems to be going smoothly as many personnel are watching the loading process and guiding the dump truck as it is being loaded on to the freight ship. At about the 1:40 mark in the video, the unthinkable happens and the cables that were holding the dump truck up in the air snapped. The dump truck is dropped onto the ship as all of the loading personnel go running for cover. Luckily, it appears that none of the loading personnel were injured by the falling dump truck when the chain broke. After the dump truck comes to a stop, the loading personnel return to the ship to inspect the dump truck and look for damages.