Driver Intentionally Hits Car And Man Hit By Car

The video above shows what appears to be a driver that actually steered his vehicle into a car entering the intersection in order to cause and accident. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving along a road with snow on the road side. As the dash cam car approaches an intersection, a black car can be seen in the distance slowly creeping forward to enter the intersection. As the dash cam car quickly approaches the intersection, the black car pulls out in front of it blocking the dash cam car. The dash cam car, doesn’t appear to slow down at all, but what appears to be a bit more shocking is that it looks like the dash cam car steers into the car that pulled out in front of it. This is even more clear when watching the video replay in slow motion.

The video below shows a collision on the highway where two men are hit by two different cars. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving on the highway in the left most lane. In the right lane next to the dash cam car, you can see a grey colored SUV out in front. Suddenly, the SUV driver sees a stopped car in front of him and tries stop, but cannot and ends up hitting the man standing at the back of the car along with the car itself. There is a black car that comes into the camera view after this collision that tries to avoid hitting the grey SUV, but ends up hitting another man that was standing to the side of the parked vehicle. This man is thrown up into the air and flips before landing and hitting the concrete highway. Both men that were hit in this video survived, one had a broken leg while the other was able to walk away.