Driver Falls Asleep, Flips Car

Nowadays times are tough, many people are unemployed or working multiple low paying jobs just to try to make ends meet. The problem is that if people don’t get enough sleep accidents can occur. The video above is just one example of this.

This video takes place in Thailand and starts off with the dash cam vehicle driving down a small two lane road passing through a small town. There are small shops on both sides of the street along with a couple motorcycles parked on the side of the street as well. There is some light traffic on the two lane road with a couple motorcycles driving on the road, but other than that, there isn’t much congestion at all.

As the video progresses, there is a motorcycle that is driving along in the same lane as the dash cam car. The dash cam car slowly approaches a motorcycle while a silver car is approaching from the opposite direction. It looks like there may be a problem, but the dash cam car is able to pass between the motorcycle and the silver car with no problem.

Now the road is wide open and the dash cam car is able to continue forward with what looks like no hindrances or traffic in sight. Then, a blue Honda can be seen approaching in the distance heading from the opposite direction. As the Honda gets closer to the dash cam car, it begins to cross over the yellow dividing line that separates the two lanes of opposing traffic.

As the Honda starts to steer directly towards the dash cam car, the driver of the dash cam car honks his horn in order to get the Honda’s attention. The driver of the blue Honda wakes up, but it is too late. The driver of the Honda tries to correct his mistake by steering back into his lane, but still collides with the dash cam car. The force of the impact causes the blue Honda to flip onto its side.

The other thing to point out is towards the end of the video, you can see the motorcycle driver enter the video from the left hand side. The motorcycle driver had to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting the dash cam car and end up crashing though some items on the side of the road at one of the small shops.