Cops Attack Man Handing Out Leaflets And Cops Run Over Shooting Suspect

The video above shows police attacking a man for handing out flyers outside of a church. The incident occurred on December 21st, 2008 outside of the Lawrence Street Chapel in Eugene, Oregon. The dash cam video shows Eugene police officer Jim McBride arriving at the scene where Mike Stinnette is peacefully standing and holding leaflets in front of the chapel. The man standing next to Stinnette is a Federal Protective Service Inspector named Rob Hart. Without any warning, Hart attacks Stinnette by grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back in order to force him onto the hood of the police car. However, Inspector Hart doesn’t stop there, and continues to twist Stinnette’s arm and wrist even when it is clear that he is not resisting. After an investigation, Police Chief Pete Kerns notified Stinnette that Officer McBride had probably cause to make the arrest, but used poor judgement by enlisting the assistance of Mr. Hart.

The video below shows a police shooting that ended with a police officer running over the suspect with his police car. The incident occurred on April 4th, 2009 in Independence, Missouri when the suspect, Nicholas Waller, engaged in a shootout with Independence Police. Waller had committed two carjackings earlier that night and was being chased on foot by police officers when he opened fire at Independence Police Sergeant Steven Boles. Waller shot at Boles five times, but missed every time, while Boles was able to fire back three times, hitting Waller in the chest. After Waller had been hit in the chest, he fell to the ground and was run over a police cruiser driven by Sergeant Barry Huwar. Waller survived the incident and is currently serving a 30 year sentence.