Christina West Police Brutality Video And DUI Chase

The video above shows a police chase in Russia as policemen chase after a suspected drunk driver. The driver races through rain soaked roads in an effort to evade police officers. The drunk driver races through intersections and then takes an unexpected turn when he tries to lose the police by driving up onto a sidewalk. When this doesn’t work, the drunk driver tries to just outrun the police officers and increases his speed. In the dash cam video, it looks like the suspect is going to get away, until his luck runs out at the next intersection. When the suspect tries to blow through the intersection he is involved in a collision with another car which causes a fireball. The suspect’s car is thrown off course and ends up on its side as police officers arrive on the seen to see if the suspect is still alive.

The video below is the dash cam video of the arrest of Chistina West by Florida police officers for DUI. The video starts off showing police officers doing a standard field sobriety test on Christina. After putting here through the tests, the officers decide to take her into custody and place her in the police car. For the most part, it appears as though Christina is cooperating with police, although she is talking and asking questions. Police leave her in the police car for several minutes until they return to talk to her again. At about the [08:35] mark, they remove her from the vehicle and a struggle ensues. The video shows an officer smashing her face into the police car and then into the ground as she lets out a series of blood-curdling screams. The 44-year-old suffered a broken orbital bone along with multiple other injuries.