Cement Truck Plows Through Cars And Head On Collision

The video above is from a dash cam of a car that is stopped at an intersection. Then, out of nowhere, a cement truck can be seen sliding on its side through all of the parked cars. The dash cam records the screams of a woman in the car as the cement truck comes sliding towards her and then hits her car. The impact of the cement truck crashing into the car was so strong that it ended up spinning the car around 180 degrees. At the end of the video, the crushed car can be seen slowly rolling away, but in the opposite direction that it was facing prior to the impact of the crash. Unfortunately, from this video it cannot be seen how the cement truck ended up on its side, but it is quite clear that the truck had to be traveling at a significant velocity in order for it to crash through so many cars while sliding on its side.

The video below shows a head on collision with a small car and a big rig truck. The car with the dash cam appears to be driving along when a small black car can be seen entering the screen from the right hand side trying to pass. It appears as though the small black car may have clipped the car with the dash cam while trying to pass. This caused the small car to lose control and slide across the lane into opposing traffic. The small black car was then crashed into by a big rig truck and then bounced off the big rig and into the car with the dash cam. Luckily, when both cars come to a stop, the driver of the small black car can be seen alive and moving in what is left of his car. After a few seconds, a woman enters the screen from the right hand side and helps the driver out of his smashed vehicle.