Car Vs Bear And Drunk Driver Hits Police Car

This is definitely a video that you do not see very often. This dash cam video actually catches a collision that the driver had with a huge black bear. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving on an open road with nothing out in front of the car. From the left side of the screen, a blue car can be seen passing the dash cam car and then merging a few car lengths in front of the dash cam car. Then all of a sudden, a big black object hits the front of the dash cam car. As the big black object takes a couple tumbles it can be clearly seen that the object was a bear. The car skids to a stop and the bear can be seen in the bottom right of the screen getting back to its paws and moving along as if nothing had happened. The driver of the dash cam car then gets out of the car to go out and inspect the damage.

Talk about bad luck, the video below shows a head on collision with a drunk driver. Of all the cars that the drunk driver could hit, he ended up hitting a police car. The video starts off with the police car following behind a white truck. The Police car is traveling in the left hand lane and everything seems normal until the white truck makes an evasive maneuver and quickly swerves to the right lane. The police car barely has any time to react as the officer sees the drunk driver driving on the wrong side of the road. Both the police car and the drunk driver both attempt to avoid each other, but they swerve towards each other causing a head on collision. The drunk driving suspect was identified as Francisco Noriega-Perales and the police officer along with his K-9 partner were treated for minor injuries and cleared for duty.