Car Runs Red Light And Drunks Messed w/Wrong Guy

The video above shows the security camera footage of a black car running a red light and colliding with a motorcycle. The video starts off showing an intersection with a truck parked at a red light. From the bottom of the screen, a black car can be seen quickly approaching the intersection without slowing down. The black car crosses into the intersection without stopping or looking for cross traffic. After the black car enters the intersection, a motorcycle enters the screen from the right hand side and collides with the car that ran the red light. The rider of the motorcycle is thrown off of the bike and flips over the handlebars before impacting with the pavement below.

The video below shows what happens when two drunks mess with the guy. The video starts off showing the dash cam car circling around a parking lot when it comes upon a drunk guy standing in front of the dash cam car. The drunk is standing in the middle of the parking lot, blocking the way of the dash cam car, but doesn’t even bother to move. Some words are exchanged before the drunk slowly moves out of the way of the dash cam car. After the drunk is out of the way, he and his friend continue to exchange words with the driver of the car. The driver of the car gets out of the car and the two drunks move to confront him, but the driver ends up pushing them both to the ground. The driver lands a few knees to the head of one of the drunks and chases the other one away before returning to find the other drunk back on his feet looking for more.