Car Rear Ends Truck And Motorcycle Crash

The video above is a dual dash cam video showing a car rear ending a truck. The video starts off slowly with the dash cam car progressing down the road normally. The dash cam car carefully navigates through a roundabout and you can see the driver of the car looking around to make sure his movements are safe. Once past the roundabout, the dash cam car continues on until about the 01:15 mark in the video, where you can see a dump truck pull in front of the dash cam car. The dash cam car driver tries to react by swerving away from the dump truck, but it looks like he is unable to avoid it because he is travelling too fast. The dash cam car collides with the dump truck that cut in front of it and both of the dash cams in the car are rattled around showing some of the damage resulting from the collision.

The video below shows a motorcycle accident that was captured by a traffic cam. The traffic cam is monitoring an intersection that has traffic moving in multiple different directions. At about the 0:15 mark, there is a green car that attempts to cross the intersection from the top right of the screen to the left side of the screen. Just as the car passes the middle of the intersection, a motorcycle enters from the left side of the screen and collides with the car. There were two people riding the motorcycle and they were both thrown off when the car collided with them. It looks as though the driver of the motorcycle hit the pavement head first and is apparently knocked out cold while the passenger in the red shirt is conscious after the collision.