Car Hits 2 Pedestrians And Police Shooting In Wisconsin

The video above shows a dash cam video of a car losing control and hitting two pedestrians walking on the side of the road before flipping over. The video starts off with the dash cam car following behind a white car on a small back country road. It appears as though the dash cam car tries to pass the white car, but is unable to, either because the white car speeds up or because there is a curve in the road coming up. As the two cars come out of the corner, another car can be seen approaching from the opposite direction. It appears as though the white car begins to drift towards the oncoming car and then loses control when the driver tries to over-correct. The white car slides sideways and hits two pedestrians walking on the side of the road. Both pedestrians survived the collision, but had serious injuries.

The video below shows a short police chase that ends with a shooting in Tomah, Wisconsin. The shooting occurred in April 2011 where Tomah Police Officers fatally shot 28-year-old Seth M. McCloskey after exchanging gunfire at the end of the chase. The dash cam video begins with the police officers following a red truck that McCloskey was in. After a couple turns, McCloskey stops his truck to get out and open fire on police, but his truck keeps rolling forward even while he is firing. The police officers return fire, fatally wounding McCloskey. Officer Josh Kenworthy was wounded in the foot and Sgt. Scott Holum was not hit. McCloskey was a suspect in an earlier drive-by shooting and police say that he may be linked to as many as 10 other random drive-by shootings in Wisconsin and Illinois.