Best Vines October 2013 #2 And Car Crash Caught On Tape

The video above shows the best vines for the second week of October 2013. The first clip shows an orange/yellow cat with a Pikachu voice-over. When a guy tries to touch the cat, he gets shocked as if it really was Pikachu. The next clip shows a guy start grinding on the floor when a dog decides to get in on the act as well. After that there is an amazing shot where a guy throws a basketball off the rooftop. The ball bounces around multiple times until it finally bounces through the basket. Following that clip there is a guy spinning a basketball on one hand while holding another in the other hand. He takes the second basketball and rolls it around his head, down his arm, behind his back and then carefully places it on top of the the first ball that he keeps spinning the whole time.

The video below shows a car crash in Thailand that is caught by the store’s security camera. The video starts off showing people standing around and going about their business as normal. In the bottom right of the screen, two guys start carrying boxes into the store when suddenly, everyone turns to look up, outside of the store. In the top of the video, you can see what looks like a car fishtailing, hop up a curb and start heading directly at the store. The car appears to be out of control as it collides with a truck parked just outside of the store sending the contents of the truck flying through the air. At this point, everyone in the store scatters and runs for cover. The car comes to a stop about a second or two later with the driver and passenger of the car emerging unharmed.