Best Vines October 2013 #1 And Truck Rear Ends Truck

The video above shows a collection of some of the best vines found during the first week of October. The first vine shows a dog that is dreaming and chasing something. When the dog suddenly wakes up, it launches itself into a nearby wall before coming to its senses. The next vine shows a girl trying to sneak up on her dad. She succeeds at sneaking up on him and scaring him, but she ends up receiving a surprise of her own. The following vine shows the differences between the amount of noise made in the house when people are sleeping. Then comes a selfie picture with pets fail. There is a clip of some dancing with some dancers jumping over a performer crawling around in a reverse crab position. There is also a clip of a fruit ninja parody. A girl tumbling around in a sweater, and a kitten sliding around in a bath tub. Watch the video to see the rest.

In the video below, an out of control truck smashes into another truck. The video starts off with the dash cam car driving along in the left lane of a highway. Traffic seems to be moving as normal until some of the cars begin to slow because of a truck parked in the right lane. Even with signs up to bring attention to the stopped car, a speeding truck can be seen in the right hand side of the screen smashing through the warning signs and into the parked truck. The force of the impact carries both trucks forward with the parked truck being pushed into one of the cars in front of the dash cam car. After the collision, the parked truck falls onto its side before all the vehicles come to a stop. In slow motion you can see that the parked truck almost climbs over the guard rail and onto the other side of the highway.