Best Vines December 2013 #4 And Police Chase Ends With Train Crash

The video above shows a collection of the best vine videos from around the web for the fourth week of December 2013. The first vine video in the collection shows a funny clip with an orange cat on top of a snow covered car. It looks like the cat is preparing to jump, but it keeps losing its footing. After a couple slips, it looks like the cat just goes for it and tries to jump, but fails miserably and falls. The vine following that shows a group of guys about to go their separate ways when one of them bumps into a garbage container. His friends return as they proceed to jump the garbage container. The vine after that shows a guy sleeping, yet managing to do all of his chores without leaving his bed. Watch the video to see the rest.

The video below shows a police chase that ends with a train crash. The incident occurred on October 13th, 2013 in Woods Cross, Utah, when an officer was attempting to pull over a woman with a possible connection to a disturbance call, but instead of pulling over, the woman tried to flee. The dash cam video starts off with the dash cam car approaching a stop sign and then stopping in the middle of the intersection with its siren on. Moments later, a black Mercedes can be seen flying by from the right side of the screen to the left side of the screen. The police officer in the car can be heard saying, “she’s gonna hit the train”, right before he takes off after her. When the vehicle comes into view, it had already been hit by the first train, but this was not the only train to hit the vehicle as moments later, a second train smashes through the Mercedes. Luckily, the woman survived both crashes with only a broken arm.